Dr. Raymond Stantz, Ph. D. (gone_byebye) wrote,
Dr. Raymond Stantz, Ph. D.

Ray wound up spending quite a bit of time with Jhalak at Milliways, even going so far as to stay the night in his usual room since the little alien didn't seem to want to leave him. The walls of said room are still covered in insanely complex mathematics, as is the ceiling; it's the legacy of a bout of epic drunkenness a few years ago, when Ray and Garion celebrated a major accomplishment in Garion's world with an awful lot of beer. If Jhalak ever figures out the math, it's the background of a background for a possible theoretical structure for a type of hyperspace star drive.

Come the morning, though, he's got to get back to the New York State side of the door. "Jhalak?" he calls. "Are you ready to go, kiddo?"
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